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UI | UX Designs

Nat Geo Kids App

Co-founding Homemade Dish Selling Platform

Tie Aprons is the platform to sell homemade dishes and recipes. It is also available for iOS and Android. You can download it from the links below. 

iOS           Android           Web

kids app cover.jpg

RocketShoe Shop

Designs for Shoe Shop Website and Application

Website designs that would gather all brands of shoes in one place. Like Adidas, Jimmy Choo, Skechers and others, with a very wide price range

Rocket Shoe cover.jpg

Justice Syndicate

Layout Design for Law Firm

One of my most recent projects. Layout design for law firm website.


Ruhsona's Place

Layout Design for Streaming Service

Animated layout design for streaming service. Includes design for website, iPad, and Android version

ruhsona place cover.jpg

StudyNow Application

Design and Logic for the Application

This application is intended to keep students on their tasks. Where you can get points for not being on your phone during the class, and use these points as discounts at your local restaurant, stores, cinema theaters and etc.

StudyNow cover.jpg

Renovated Craigslist

Design and Coding for the New Version of Craigslist

This is one of the unique projects, which I created both by web designing and coding. I renovated the existing Craigslist website and its Housing page

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