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StudyNow App

This application is intended to keep students on their tasks. Where you can get points for not being on your phone during the class, and use these points as discounts at your local restaurant, stores, cinema theaters and etc.

StudyNow screens.jpg

StudyNow is a place where you can get points for not being on your phone while studying.

The problem was distraction caused by phones, social media, messengers and etc. And the solution that I suggested is the App that helps you stay more productive and focused in a class by not being distracted, and it gives you an initiative to do that. When you will receive the necessary amount of points, you can exchange them to discount or other deals.

Time is one of the essences in college or school, and sometimes we only have a certain block to study, if somebody knows in their heart that they are someone who gets easily sidetracked then StudyNow can help with that.

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