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Campus Ally

My role:

UX/UI Designer

My responsibilities:

UX Research, User Interview, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Testing

Project timeline:

2 months

About Project:

Introducing Campus Ally, the must-have mobile app for first-year college students. Designed to help students navigate the challenges of their new academic environment, find all the resources and useful information in one single space.

What was the problem?

Many first-year students often face challenges when navigating the new academic environment, such as finding their way around campus, accessing resources and services, feeling disconnected from community and friends, and adjusting to the demands of college-level coursework. This can lead to feelings of stress and confusion, which can impact their academic success and overall well-being.

User Research

I began with interviewing students from different universities and different study years. Some  of the questions that were asked:

-What difficulties arose in the first semester of school?

-How do you search for a campus building that you don't know?

-If you have questions about your studies, who do you contact?

-How do you find out about events at the university?

-What is your favorite place in university?

-What issues are still unresolved in your education?

Research findings

In the process of interviewing more people, I began to better understand the needs and pains of the students they are having. Also, ask questions from myself:" How can you help students?", "How to solve the problem in the most efficient ways?", "How will the decision affect students?". Another finding that I got, is more often students will go to their friends to get an answer, which shaped my planned solution to have a “place” for “friends” specifically, in the App.

Ideal solution after research: A mobile application that combines all the necessary information for new students, using the usual patterns of digital life, will help them adapt to student life much faster. It will include links to tutors and all necessary help, navigation to student favorite places, quick event information, and online chat support and etc.



Research questions for UX Design Case - Google Forms - Google Chrome 6_20_2023 4_30_27 PM_

User Persona

Untitled (1).jpg

User Journey Map

ASSIGNMENT_6_Deck - Google Slides - Google Chrome 6_20_2023 4_45_16 PM_edited.jpg
Comments from user interviews

Competitive analysis


1. "MyCollege" is an app that helps college students to navigate through their university experience. It provides various features such as campus map, event calendar, campus news, and access to various resources.

Simple and intuitive user interface: The app has a clean and minimalistic design that makes it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.

Personalized content: The app provides personalized content based on the user's location, interests, and major. This helps students to stay informed about events and resources that are relevant to them.

Integration with social media: The app allows users to share events and news on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. "CampusLife" is an app that helps college students to navigate through their university experience. It provides various features such as campus map, event calendar, campus news, and access to various resources.

Customizable user interface: The app allows users to customize the user interface based on their preferences. They can choose from various themes and color schemes to personalize the app.

Social networking features: The app allows users to connect with other students on campus and join interest groups. This helps students to build social connections and find like-minded individuals.

Real-time updates: The app provides real-time updates about events and news on campus. This helps students to stay informed and not miss out on any important events.


This student-focused mobile app has the potential to help first-year college students feel more confident and supported as they navigate their new academic environment, ultimately improving their academic success through resources and feel connected to their college community.

Next Steps

  • MVP Development - the immediate focus is on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Campus Ally. This involves translating the design into a functional prototype with core features that address the identified pain points. 

  • User Testing and Iteration

  • Clearly define key success metrics for the project, including user engagement and the effectiveness of features like the campus map, event notifications, and online support. Regularly analyze these metrics to gauge the app's impact on students' adaptation to university life.

  • Keep learning and stay informed about emerging trends in mobile app design and user experience. Actively seek user feedback even after the app's launch and be prepared to make iterative improvements based on evolving user expectations and technological advancements.

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