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My Work

What you’ll find below is a platform that I co-founded, as well as a combination of university work, and some personal passion projects of my own.

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Product Design

Tie Aprons is a real-time homemade dish-selling platform and company that I co-founded in 2020.

Tie Aprons is intended for everyone who loves homemade food, discovers recipes, and wants to sell foods.

It is available for iOS and Android, and also at

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User Experience Design

The Campus Ally is my university project, designed to help students navigate the challenges of their new academic environment, and find all the resources and useful information in one single space.

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User Experience Design

The Design Challenge prompt was to create an experience from the perspective of a laundry employee who will view, manage, and complete customer orders.

Brand Design

As a branding designer for ITP Camp 2023, my role was to shape the visual identity of the event. I was responsible for creating a memorable logo, selecting a suitable typeface, and curating a color palette that captured the event's essence. My contributions helped create a cohesive brand experience that resonated with the target audience and reflected the innovative and edgy nature of ITP Camp 2023.

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