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Eco Laundry

Design Challenge

My role:

Product Designer

My responsibilities:

UX; Logic, Research, Competitive Analysis, Low-fidelity and High-fidelity wireframes, Prototyping

Project timeline:

4 days

Design Challenge Prompt

The Eco Laundry Company is an environmentally friendly laundromat that's been growing fast over the past few years. They want to implement a mobile application to support an automated laundry service where users can place their orders online, drop off their laundry, and be notified through the app when to pick up their garments.

Design the experience from the perspective of an employee who will view, manage, and complete customer orders.

They get the following data from a client order:

  • Client Info:

    • Name

    • Phone numberr

  • Order Info

    • Cleaning Service (wash & fold, clean & press, dry clean)

    • Finish Order By date

    • If you want to include any other parameters, feel free


Assume that employees don't need to worry about managing payments for orders.


  • Create a user flow exploring how laundromat employees will view orders and mark them as complete.

  • Prototype your user flow on Figma

    • Include at least 1 high-fi frame and 2 mid-fi frames. The rest can be lo-fi wireframes.

What was the problem?

It is currently difficult for laundromat employees to track customer orders and keep track of progress, since they cannot see or mark orders as complete.

Goal after Competitive Analysis and Secondary Research

- See the orders;
- Display the specific employee. Provide detailed instructions on how to process work orders so everyone understands their responsibilities and the work is completed on time. A system for assigning work orders to specific employees should be in place;
- Employees should be able to change the status of orders. You should track the entire workflow process, from requests to completion, to avoid missed deadlines and angry clients;
- Update orders when they change. It is essential to keep your employees up-to-date in order to maintain a productive and organized workplace.

User Flow

User flow (2).png

Mid-fi prototype 

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