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ITP Camp 2023

My role:

Branding Designer

My responsibilities:

To create a cohesive and memorable visual identity for the brand

Project timeline:

1 month

About Project:

ITP Camp is a crash course/playground for creative and techy people who want to shake things up. Every June, they invite non-student makers, artists, musicians, programmers, fabricators, and creatives of all sorts, to join the ITP community to make stuff, hear speakers on the cutting edge, and collaborate with people from diverse disciplines.

Color palette

Problem Statement:

ITP Camp 2023 stakeholders desired a color palette that was simple yet edgy, capturing the attention of the target audience and creating a distinct visual identity.


The goal was to create a color palette that reflected the innovative and energetic nature of the event. The selected colors needed to convey a sense of modernity, professionalism, and excitement while maintaining a clean and cohesive look.


After considering stakeholder preferences and the desired brand positioning, I chose neon green, black, white as the primary colors and violet as secondary. This selection aimed to create a visually striking and edgy palette that would stand out and resonate with the event's target audience.



Problem Statement:

ITP Camp 2023 needed a distinctive and memorable logo that accurately represented the essence of the event and captured the attention of the target audience.


The goal was to create a logo that reflected the innovative and cutting-edge nature of ITP Camp, while also conveying a sense of excitement and creativity. The logo needed to be visually appealing, versatile, and easily recognizable.


As the branding designer, my responsibilities included understanding the event's vision, conducting research on industry trends, and translating the key values and messaging into a visually compelling logo. This involved sketching concepts, refining designs, and selecting the final logo that effectively represented ITP Camp 2023.

itp camp final green-black.png
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